Psychotherapy FAQ

How Long Does a Therapy Take?

Of course there is no global answer to this question. A distinction is drawn between short-term psychotherapy, which takes up to 25 consultations (about 3 months), and long-term therapy whose exact duration doesn’t have to be fixed in advance. The choice depends on the complexity of the problem to be treated. Health insurances normally pay for up to two years; certain private insurances and the Techniker-Krankenkasse also longer in justified cases.

The Therapy Process

After the payment method has been fixed, the therapist will carry out an anamnesis, i.e. ask questions about the problems’ history and possibly use psychological test diagnostics. Based on this the therapist makes a diagnosis and then plans the therapy process together with you.

A psychotherapist has got to keep records during or after each consultations. These are of course strictly confidential, as the therapist is generally bound to the same professional discretion as a doctor or a lawyer.

The psychotherapeutic treatment usually ends with a final dialogue in which the therapy process, the transfer of the therapy achievements into everyday life, and your further development possibilities are discussed. The health insurance gets a note on the last bill to inform them about the end of the therapy process.