Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal experiences make a person exceed their individual, limited identity and world outlook. The border between "me" and "not me" becomes permeable. Often people have transpersonal experiences inexpectedly in existential situations, e.g. heart failure, accident or surgery shock, or when lamenting a beloved person.

Sometimes the potential to awareness enhancement lies in depressions, psychosomatic diseases or psychotic episodes. If this isn’t recognised and used as a chance this may lead to serious and chronic perturbations. In this case it’s not a metter of solving problems but of coming off the problem, it’s rather a matter of experiencing and realising the cause of the dolorous experience than of self-fortification.

During the process of transpersonal therapy the person learns how to integrate the chaos of their conflict-laden personality parts to a harmonic unity around a central point. This central point, the personal "oneself", is the image of the real "oneself" of the transpersonal level.

The therapy goal of the personal level is an integrated person which is able to coordinate their organism’s psychophysic functions by means of their own sake. A person able to act efficiently and free of blockades, a person who knows to satisfy their needs, to apply their aggressive energy in a reasonable and constructive way and to use dolourous experiences as instructional experiences—in short, a person possessing a clear awareness of their own central point—can begin their therapeutical work, their self-realisation under the prevailing circumstances, here in this world.

Later on during the transpersonal work the issue would be in developing such attitudes and tendencies that enable the individual to get rid of the straitjacket of their personality and to recognise and live their identity with the whole being. Especially in transpersonal therapy the therapist is model and example for what they convey to the patient. Therapist and patient go their own ways, each one by they own way, and each one can be the other one’s teacher.