Psychotherapy FAQ

What Can Psychotherapy Achieve and What Not?

A therapy session takes 50 minutes, sometimes 25 minutes; usually there is one session per week. The therapist may charge a drop-out fee when you are absent without notification. The details are often regulated in a therapy agreement.

During the session the therapist entirely concentrates on you. They won’t just listen to you attentively but also point important things and issues they estimate as related to your problems out to you. They will assist you with finding your own ways and solutions and in no case just give “good advice” that you already know from others and that don’t help you.

The “amount” of therapy isn’t critical—it’s much more important what you make of it. A good therapist is proud to become unnecessary as quickly as possible when you’ve taken back responsibility for your path of life.

The therapist spends much time, understanding and human warmness for you. Patience and cordiality, but mainly expertise and know-how are the things you can always expect from your therapist.