Psychotherapy FAQ

How Do I Find a Psychotherapist?

Normally you’ll find therapists regionally or by topics (e.g. abuse) in the yellow pages, on the Web and through local work groups. The municipal health offices (“Gesundheitsämter”) also provide information, sometimes also about self-help groups. Health insurances have complete lists of medical and psychological therapists (“ärztliche und psychologische Psychotherapeuten”). These don’t give much helpful information about the therapists but carry their phone numbers and often also consultation hours and information about which types of patients they deal with, about their special interests and their methodic orientation.

The first consultation is always arranged by phone. It gives you the ability to get to know the therapist and to discuss the therapy process. Unless otherwise agreed you don’t need to bring anything with you to this consultation. All necessary formalities are discussed then.

Some therapists have got a waiting-list. In this case you can also enquire about other therapists. Depending on your health insurance, you may have up to five initial consultations with five therapists if necessary before you need to make an application. These regulations are different from one health insurance to another, so if in doubt you should always make sure about the cost beforehand.

More information about meeting the cost of psychotherapy.